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Rush University Forges a Path with CCi

In any business or industry, there are leaders and there are followers. Some prefer playing it safe, letting those less risk-averse to blaze a trail, fail, and then blaze another, until there is a clear path left for others to follow. In my experience, Rush Health has always been one of the leade...

CCi 5/15/2018 236836
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CCi Appoints Former CFO as New President

Winston-Salem, NC – CCi, a Patient communication and revenue cycle solution company, has appointed their former Chief Financial Officer, Charles Jordan, as President of the employee-owned organization. Beth Barksdale, who has served as CCi's President and Chief Executive Officer sin...

CCi 2/16/2018 236836
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The Patient's Journey: Meeting Mrs. Anderson

“…We extend patient care beyond the bedside...” I was considering the meaning of this phrase from our mission statement when the phone rang. It was one of our customer’s patients, “Mrs. Anderson” (not her real name), with some questions about her medical bill....

CCi 11/16/2017 236836
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The Patient's Journey: How to Hear the Patient

This week we sat down with Linda Dugan, Director of Patient Accounting/Registration at Mon Health Medical Center, which serves the Morgantown, WVarea. With over 40 years of experience working in the US healthcare system, her insight into how patient feedback hasevolved was of great interest to us. W...

CCi 10/19/2017 236836
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Empowered by Empathy

EMPOWERED BY EMPATHY Advisor. Financial Counsellor. Educator. Insurance Specialist. Our Patient Service Representatives are many things; however, it is our firm belief that - first and foremost - they are Patient Advocates. Because of this, we make communicating with empathy the TOP priority...

CCi 5/9/2017 236836

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