Customer Success Graphic"CCi received a call from a St. Barnabas patient who had been struggling to get someone to listen to her side of an issue. Eric from the CCi Contact Center took the original call and was able to help her. ‘Oh how wonderful Eric is,’ she exclaimed. ‘He is so professional and courteous.’ She went on to explain her issue and how if it hadn't been for Eric’s help she would not now have a $0.00 balance!"Eric | CCi Contact Center Representative
Customer Success Graphic"I brought on CCi back in 1993 and it was one of the best business decisions I ever made. CCi saved MMC a ton of money and helped many patients. CCi helped us reduce our collection expenses and bad debt placements while increasing customer expectations."Tom Cryan, Sr. Director of Patient Accounts | Maine Medical Center
Customer Success Graphic"A Jackson County Patient called to share what great customer service she received from (CCi Contact Center Representative) Dawanna when she called about her son’s account."Dawanna | CCi Contact Center Representative
Customer Success Graphic"CCi's integration with Paragon is one of the newest products that DeKalb is utilizing to customize our billing and collection processes, to bring more dollars in earlier for a lower cost, and to give our patients more opportunities to pay prior to bad debt."Peggy Elder-Nelson, Director of Patient Financial Services | DeKalb Health
Customer Success Graphic"Our friends at CCi go above and beyond when it comes to customer service and doing what’s right...for our business office and for our patients. You guys, Rock!"Christine Lassiter, Revenue Cycle Supervisor | Denver Health Medical Center
Customer Success Graphic"The call with Patty -- I could go on all day about how excellent her customer service was towards the patient! She was so calm, patient and understanding. I was very impressed with how she handled herself and the patient's questions…please pass big kudos on to her for me!"Renee Ray, Assistant Director of Patient Accounts | Jackson County
Customer Success Graphic"I had the pleasure of speaking with Trivera today regarding a patient’s bill. Trivera was so kind, patient and helpful. Our patient is having a very difficult time with this situation and Trivera really shared her concern. Please let her know that she truly represents a positive company image."Charlotte Nada Goutimy, Manager of Internal Medicine Southgate | Henry Ford Health System
Customer Success Graphic"We've been very pleased with the historic collection performance of CCi. From collection agency efforts to automated first-party calls, they help us reach patients in a very automated fashion so that we may better utilize our staff."DeAnna King, Manager, Patient Financial Services | Stormont-Vail Healthcare
Customer Success Graphic"Patients respond to the CCi letters and they also become more proactive in reaching out to us when they have received an automated IVR call."DeAnna King, Manager, Patient Financial Services | Stormont-Vail Healthcare
Customer Success Graphic"One of the greatest benefits of CCi's integration is that it provides our patient representatives with an interested customer. Given our limited resources, the incoming calls from our customers that received a letter from CCi clearly indicate an interest to pay. It certainly makes our collection process more efficient."Noreen Duncan, Exec. Director, Patient Financial Services | Decatur Memorial Hospital
Customer Success Graphic"CCi has integrated so well within MedSeries4 that it is undetectable to our staff and just a normal part of our daily processes. It makes us happy when we can see efficiency in staff and increases cash - CCi has done this for our facility."Sarah W. Longest, CIO | Grenada Lake Medical Center
Customer Success Graphic"As a not-for-profit facility, we are always striving to afford our patients every opportunity to resolve or pay an outstanding balance. This call campaign, alone, has increased our collection efforts 3%-4%, which is a huge accomplishment. Thank you CCi!"Jim Sunyar, Director, Patient Accounts | John T. Mather Memorial Hospital