The Self-Pay Engine

CCi provides hospitals with comprehensive or specialized solutions, deployed from inside their patient accounting systems. From extended business office (EBO) services to a unique pre-collect strategy including collection agency status, our clients leverage technology, people, and expertise from CCi for a more dynamic revenue cycle. Four proven and distinct strategies of the CCI Self-Pay Engine nurture meaningful and effective engagement while improving cash flow and patient satisfaction.

Self Pay Engine Graphic


Precise selection criteria, client-patient data, and a highly predictive score can all be used to focus self-pay investments on the best opportunities. Quantifying account liquidity and consumer eligibility, clients secure industry leading best practices in using predictive analytics for greater returns and improved performance.


Blending analytics with the unique selection controls in CCi's HIS integrations, the engine powers account assignment to segments based on propensity to pay and balance. The stratification is reviewed and evaluated with clients to determine areas of focus and opportunity.


All patient communication is aligned with the customer's mission and progressive campaigns are collaboratively designed to maximize the opportunity within each segment. Custom-built, automated workflows address the unique needs of the healthcare provider and patient community while also improving process and operations.


CCi offers a broad scope of interactive and patient-friendly services that improve patient satisfaction and increase revenue performance.

  • ANALYTICS Propensity to pay scoring and presumptive charity screening
  • SEGMENTATION Strategies for identifying value and mitigating risk
  • AUTOMATED WORKFLOWS Communications and resource configuration
  • INBOUND IVR SYSTEMS Self-service and after hours options for patients
  • OUTBOUND IVR CALLS Automated patient outreach
  • U.S.-BASED CONTACT CENTER Professional staff for live calls
  • PAYMENT PLAN MANAGEMENT Supplemental staff and reminder technology
  • MAIL CENTER In-house mail operations, a USPS central access point
  • HOSPITAL CORRESPONDENCE Statements, data-mailers, letters
  • CREDIT CARD PAYMENT PROCESSING Convenient, secure transactions
  • COLLECTION AGENCY ENGAGEMENT Escalation for unresponsive balances