Collection Services

Writing accounts off to bad debt carries a high price tag, both in terms of dollars and damage to the patient relationship. While sometimes unavoidable, CCi can help you drastically reduce the number of patients and dollars you are transferring to bad debt each month.

Positioned in your active A/R, CCI's proprietary, built-in software allows you to automatically select and transfer your aging self-pay balances based on specific criteria you set. The hospital never loses control or visibility of the accounts, and maintains the ability to easily recall them at any time using familiar, user-friendly screens within their system. The high degree of integration provides a seamless experience for hospital staff and makes implementation quick and painless.

CCi's unique approach to collections enables hospitals to recover more patient payments before incurring the high costs of bad debt. We serve as an interim step between your internal collection efforts and the more costly efforts of bad debt agencies, which lowers your cost-to-collect, increases your revenue, and helps protect your patient relationships.

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Scoring helps identify and rank accounts based on what their expected average payment could be. A healthcare-specific algorithm assigns a propensity-to-pay score to accounts based on many behavioral factors. By predicting and understanding the real value of your receivables, segmentation and unique workflows can be assigned to focus efforts for the highest gains.

Letters & Statements

CCi operates its own full service Print & Mail Center, capable of generating 4-color statements, patient letters, final notices, Financial Assistance Policy (FAP) summaries, inserts and more. Contact us to see samples of what we can do for you!

Patient Services

Connecting via open, human conversation is integral to a positive patient experience. The Patient Service Representatives that are part of your CCi Engagement Team ensure that every call with your patients is handled with the empathy, care, and precision that your community expects and needs.

Interactive Voice Response

When your staff is limited or needs to be focused on other things, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) calls give your business office the upper hand. IVR calls provide your patients the opportunity to self-serve, making payments and getting answers without having to wait for the next available representative.

Patient Portal

Patients want and need their payment options to be secure and convenient. Our payment processing technologies are included in all our programs, allowing transactions to be completed safely and easily via live phone calls, automated IVR calls, or from their PC and mobile devices.

Pay Plans

Experience greater discipline and efficiency with CCi’s Payment Plan Management, available in all of our EBO, Legacy A/R, and Pre-Collect services. On behalf of your hospital, our representatives work with patients to establish payment terms that match your policies. Custom reminders sent by mail, email or text conveniently prompt patients when their next payment is due.


We’re all on the go these days, and it can be almost impossible to catch people at a good time. That problem is solved by automatic messaging via email, SMS text, or voicemail. Whether sending reminders to patients on a pay plan or just checking in with them, auto messaging reaches your patients wherever they are, in a way that works best for them.


CCI’s collection agency can be used as a late-stage effort to motivate dormant or slow paying accounts into action. Our agency is fully licensed, bonded, and compliant with all federal, state and local laws. When used while patients are still in the active A/R, we can collect more dollars at a much lower cost and help eliminate the need for bad debt placement in many cases.